Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Tudor Rose Cottage

One of the first houses I rented was a Tudor style house. It was more for the role-play sim it was on. The house had shabby, torned walls and was too dark. I didn't like it but there weren't many choices back then. And for a long time, I was reluctant to do these medieval style homes because I know to get the details, the prim would be higher than the modern houses I like to build but for the moment, I've run out of ideas for modern houses and I also wanted to do a modern take on the old style.

So here is the next house in my New Cottage Series, The Tudor Rose Cottage:

It stands on a 19x22 base with a land impact of 167. The house is unfurnished but the red rose bushes comes with the house.

The sitting-room.

The dining-room.

The bedroom.

The house is copiable and modifiable. On the upper floor, it has 2 bedrooms and a bath and a spacious open area.
Furnitures I've used are mostly from Bazar. I know, I'm not very original but it's been so busy in my rl that I have to rush things.

I have put The Tudor Rose Cottage at the Simple Things Mainstore and the Marketplace. The Cottage demo is available at the Mainstore. As I always advice, please check the demo out before you purchase so that you can be sure.

Last, I wanted to see how the cottage looks like in a row so I rezzed a few cottages. The picture below has been pixlred.

Reminds me of a housing estate.