Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Victorian Row Houses

My next house project is inspired by the Victorian Row Houses of San Francisco. I'm calling them the Victorian Townhouse Series. So far I've completed 2 houses. I plan to do 4 but I couldn't wait to show what I have done so far! I'm really excited about these houses.

These are 5 houses set side by side in a row. I called them The Blue Victorian Townhouse and The Green Victorian Townhouse. Yes, it's not fancy but I named them so I will remember them easier. The next two will most lightly be in pink and yellow.

I have tried to keep the land impact below 200, so I've combined meshes and sculpts and prims. Sculpts are still great for big sizes because unlike mesh, they don't increase in land impact when the size is increased. I've even added some foliage to the builds.

The houses are available for viewing at the Simple Things Mainstore and bigger and clearer pictures can be seen on my flickr.