Wednesday, July 5, 2017

On a day like today

Hair Fair 2017 is going on right now.

And this hair I bought from Exile at the Hair Fair which Moon is wearing seems to be all over the blogs and flickr pages. I can't blame them. I love, love, love the hairstyle too! That's Jack my grown-up Bulldog with Moon.
The top Moon is wearing is a freebie groupgift from COCO. The jeans are from Just Because which I bought from the Marketplace. It is so difficult to find a pair of straight leg non-booootilicious slightly flared pants nowadays. Moon is also wearing sandals from KOKOIA.
After the Art Museum, it was time to go riding with Jackie. Jackie is my Water Horse and she's a Bento wearable so that means you can take her anywhere and she moves and fidgets like a real horse too. She's now a white horse with blue markings that I got from Jinx at the Fantasy Collective. It's so exciting that I can also dress up my horse!
Last, here are my pink BioBreeds Boxers. I had no idea they would grow this huge! My KittyCat Ramses the Mummy wanted to be in the photo too. KittyCats just love taking pictures. Everyday they would come up to Moon and ask to have photoshoots together:)