Friday, November 30, 2012

Today's look- fun skating

I was updating Kiki's shape to be mesh friendly and she looked so cute, I had to dress her up and take her ice skating. Kiki's not another alt, but the shape I used to put on marketplace but I took all my shapes off when I decided to embrace mesh clothings. Kiki is a size Xs or Small depending on what you're wearing.
Moon will probably be wearing this shape for a few days.
The cardigan-jacket is a group gift from [Foppish]. Joining is still free.
The mesh jeans is from Gizza.
Hair and beanie is from Kari. It's an old item. I don't think this hair is there anymore. I tried to get a different coloured hair last year, but it was no longer for sale.
The shirt is from Deetalez.
The ice-skates are from Bax. The roller skates from Pixelmode.

I bought the KH ice skate ao and I'm really satisfied with it. I already have their mermaid AO3 which is really awesome.

This reminds me. Moon hasn't been a mermaid in a while.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fabulous hunt items

This beautiful dress is from the Gypsy Hunt from NNight Creation.
Another fabulous gown from 22769 for the Silver Lining Hunt.
I didn't change Moon's jewelries. They are League from past 50LFriday. I didn't change her shoes either just the colour.
I love it when hunt items aren't too difficult to find and the clues are spot on. Sometimes the clues have nothing at all to do with where the items are hidden and if I give up, it will take me a long, long time to return to the store. I especially love it when the store owners give out really good gifts because not only will I be able to gauge their work, I will have the impression that they are generous and it gives me all these warm fuzzy feelings(my age allows me to have silliness) and this makes me want to go back and buy their items.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yet another cold weather style

Well..... this outfit called Rune-Cindy is similar to yesterday's outfit. The outfit can be worn when it's not so cold too. It can even be worn in rl in a hot country like mine too.... where there is air-conditioning. Moon is wearing this in size xS.
At the moment I'm a bit obsessed with SL snow. I definitely think snow is better than rain.... except when the snow turns to sludge.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another cold weather style

This time I am wearing all mesh clothes. I forgot I had this cute jacket/bolero from R2 at collab88.
The dress is from Eaters Coma aka SIXTY NINE. Moon's hair is from Analog Dog, my go to shop for curly hair.
I know it's not that thick to withstand rl winter outdoors but since Moon can't feel, why not:)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Time for Snow

It's Monsoon time where I am. Rains everyday and it's cold for me, but not as cold as winter. I couldn't find any mesh coats or jackets that I like and I wanted to go to the Calas Galadhon sim because I knew it would be winter there. So in the end, I wore all old stuffs which still looks good even on a small size Moon.

Hmmm this reminds me of a Malay proverb that literally translate Carry your own basket which means praising yourself but..... I say this, if you're not confident on how good you look or how good your avatar looks, when everyone else praises you, you'll be floored or worst, you'll get suckered in by unscrupulous people.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Colour Challenge-Tangelo

Another orangey challenge. I really am running out of orange clothes. There are so many shades of orange!
I paired the orangey coloured Drew top which I bought from Marketplace with Tuttifrutti pants I bought from the Black Friday sale. There are 17 colours in that one top for only 99L which is a bargain.

Shopping heaven

What a thrill to shop for a whole new wardrobe and at half the cost too. This is a pretty sundress from <Geometry> called Laura. Everything is marked down to 99L till Sunday. Please try the demo because this dress is the loose type and it might look big and your avatar might drown in it. Moon is wearing a size xxS for this particular dress. Never would I have thought she'd still look good in that size!
These were from E! black Friday sale. Sale is only for Friday.
These were from Bilo black Friday 50% off sale till Sunday.
I plan to start boxing up my old clothes after this.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's raining out there

I thought I would stop spending.... but then comes the Black Friday Sale all over the grid. The first thing I noticed was the TuttiFrutti store. I've always been attracted to bright cheerful colours. I indulged myself quite a bit there because the whole store was 50% off not just the black coloured items like other stores. I wanted Moon to have more mesh attire and so that is my excuse for spending. The yellow cami is from TuttiFrutti.
The mesh skirt is from Sn@tch and is not on the black Friday sale:( Neither is the oh so sexy wedges called Sixties Heels from My Pretty Pixels. I will definitely be wearing those wedges as often as I wear the Pixelmode Baby Ts. Now if only I can find boots that give me that kind of feeling too.
My bag is a gift from past vintage fair. That hair is from Maitreya and it's oh so old too. The necklace is from Maxi Gossamer.
And my avatar is wearing [PXL]Faith skin in Olive.

Friday, November 23, 2012

I made another free house

I've been wanting to do a log cabin for a while now. This little cutie-pie is free and just something I did for fun. This cabin is absolutely for only 1 person.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

If you can say no

The hardest thing is to say no to people's requests but if you can, what does it make you? I'm finding it easier and easier to say no nowadays. I wonder if that is one of the signs of old age. Just like it's getting more and more difficult for me to keep quiet around irritating people. I read somewhere that women becomes more and more strict when they get older while men becomes more and more mellow. It has something to do with our hormones.

I completed my house. It's similar to my other modern houses but this one was in my head when I woke up last Sunday and instead of having breakfast, I am one of those people who can eat first thing when they wake up(I hear we are an endengered specie haha) anyway, instead of breakfast, I started building and 3 days later, it's in the Marketplace and at my little mainstore.

This little house has a sun roof in the kitchen! I love big huge windows and most of my houses have these big huge windows. And french doors! Well double doors actually but french doors sounds fancier.

As usual, I use my old furnitures to decorate the house and these furnitures are so versatile, I hate parting with them.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some like it hot-Reds

I am embracing mesh clothings totally. The trick is moving the width slider to not make my avatar too skinny-looking. There is nothing I can do about the thinness of her arms because the width slider doesn't seemed to affect the arms. Also, it helps to make the avatar shorter otherwise she would be too gangly and.... a small gust of wind can blow her off!
Moon wears a size S or Xs and she doesn't look emaciated, I don't think so.
The red gown(Apple May) and the red slip dress(Baiastice) is from the Fair event going on right now and, the ethnic-print dress(22769) is from the Around the World event.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekly Colour Challenge:Barley Corn

Barley corn makes me think of bubur chacha and I wonder if I experiment on it, it would taste just as good. Coconut milk makes everything taste good.
The Makeda dress Moon is wearing is from the Around the World Event from 22769.
Size S was a teeny weeny bit big and size Xs a teensy weensy tight. I have concluded that no standard shape will ever be  satisfactory when it comes to mesh clothings. You either have to tweak your shape or wear it as is. I decided to wear it in size Xs and not downsize Moon's boobs any further. Thankfully, the Ging hair from Analog dog  covers the slight flaw.
I'm happy with Moon's shape. She still looks tall and shapely but she no longer towers over other avatars.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

TDR, free and hunt stuffs

Starting from the left and clockwise, Ricielli Glamurous minidress/silver, Ricielli Charming hunt Papi Jumpsuit, Le Forme Summer Dress Samba(get this free at the around the world event) and last, Ricielli Charming hunt Aurora.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I didn't feel like building or going to any music events so I went to the Around the World Event today and came back with quite a lot of dresses. The leather peplum top and pencil skirt were from paperback.
The hair is from Analog Dog amd the boots from[Belgravia]. The accessories are very old items. Belt from [Coco] and bag from Septem Essentia.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

dress: Maui

Another colourful mesh dress I cannot resist. This is from  {TD} called Maui. I also prefer my avatar to look cute rather than sexy, hence the flat pink boots rather than heels.

dress:Boho Baby

I guess I am not done with mesh dresses yet. Boho Baby dress in Khol is from DCNY.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Moon now and then

Moon is now a size S or M depending on the style. I'm quite please with the outcome.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Another dress from Kunglers and it fits so well with the new LpD Geena boots.
Moon has also gotten wider. I didn't like her too skinny look and working on the body thickness slider seems to work. She looks healthy now.
I think that's purged my obsession with mesh.
Now back to building!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

dress:robe d'ete coquelicot

This is an alafolie creation. I love the colours and I had a hard time choosing. In the end I chose red.
I'm back to building although I do have one more mesh dress to post for remembrance tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This dress is from Kungler called Lourdes in nude.  It's an older release but I'm just embracing mesh dresses so... It has a flared skirt, simple and very reminiscent of the 70s. I don't know if it is just a fashion phase fashion or because mesh is easier on designs from that era. Either way, I love it, it reminds me of how I see my mom in her younger days.

I finally realised that to make my avatar look too emaciated due to trying to wear mesh, I have to move the body thickness slider eventhough I detest that lingering voice saying broad....broad...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Colour challenge-Bittersweet

I tried to search for a mesh dress in Bittersweet but I came up with nothing so I went into my inventory. I actually owned a few orangey dresses and this gown is from Desir. It's almost similar to the gown I chose for the colour challenge in cinnamon because it's from the same designer.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


This is another dress from Donna Flora called Adel that I've been eyeing for months, but back then my avie can't get into it.
Guess you could ask why I didn't just change her shape back then. Because back then, I had no reason to. Now that I have lost weight, the avatar has every reason to change too.
Now I'm catching up and I don't need Carter anymore.... not that I did coz I usually get freestuffs and bargains for her.

Friday, November 2, 2012


This is an old dress from the last vintage fair I think but it's not old for me. Ever since Moon lost weight she can fit into a lot of mesh dresses. This is from Donna Flora. Moon is size M but she has to wear a size maxi for this dress. If I don't wear the top alpha layer on her, her boobs will still be in the dress but because of impending wardrobe malfunction, I added the alpha layer which shows a little bit of invisibilities but that's alright with me.
I always wear underwear with mesh and it would be cool if there was a halter bra:)
Moon's hair is .b crystal in kahlua. Analog Dog is churning out wonderful hairs lately. I'm trying very hard not to buy the light colours. I probably will at a later date.