Saturday, February 28, 2015

Little Tiki Hut for Free

It's been a while since I've made a freebie house but when I was building the last of the Tiki Tropicana Resort Home series, I thought the separate Tiki bar would make a great freebie. I discarded a few more prims and downed it to 4 land impact.

The Chill Out Tiki Hut is 8x8 and the roof is mesh while the rest are regular good old prim.

You can get this freebie at the Marketplace or on the wall of the Simple Things Mainstore.

On another topic, I can no longer access my flickr because I've not used my yahoo account in forever and they deactivated it and now I can't get it activated anymore and somehow I need to log into yahoo to get into flickr. So for now I don't have any more place to store my bigger pictures.

Have a Great WeekEnd!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Kittens Rule

Just like in real life, I had to make my home cat friendly. My KittyCats have taken over my clothing store! So what do I do? I knocked down part of the building and made the inner courtyard bigger so that they could frolic and run all over the place.
I just love watching their antics.
My Kittens' Haven.

Opening up the courtyard was a good idea. The space is ideal for my KittyCats!

View of the sea while Moon does some work on her laptop. Hehe....

If you're interested to get your own KittyCat, I am selling some of my unbirthed KittyCats here at the Mainstore and also at the ScratchN Post Too.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The long awaited Kittens

Finally, my Forget Me Not KittyCats and my Birthday KittyCats gave birth to their kittens! And to make it all worth the wait, it was a pair.

Birth of the Forget Me Not kitten. The package was a brown heart.

Birth of the Birthday kitten comes in a birthday cake.

These are the kittens after they were birthed or 'unpacked'. I am starting to see the appeal in the costumed collectible KittyCats and it doesn't matter if they're 9T or if they're 1T(I am still confused about these Traits). As long as I like them then they've done their job. I mean, who doesn't think these cats aren't adorable in their cute costumes?

Playing ball with the cats!

In the 2 pictures above, Moon is wearing my latest dress which I haven't gotten around to posting yet. I admit, these KittyCats have been occupying my limited time in SL!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tiki Paradise #4

This is my fourth Tiki house:

This house is a renovated version of Tiki Tropicana III. I've separated the kitchen part of that house and turned it into an outdoor hangout. It can be a Tiki Cabana or Bar or Spa, anything you want!

Now available at the Simple Things Mainstore and Marketplace. Demo is also available for viewing at the Mainstore.
All four of my Tiki houses are on sale at only 69L each.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Another Tiki post

Here are a couple of my Tiki Houses,

Tiki Tropicana III has new floorplans while Tiki Tropicana II is a renovation of Tiki Tropicana I.

Here are some pictures from Tiki Tropicana III:

The houses are now available at the Simple Things Mainstore. Demos are also available to see at the Mainstore.

Have a good Weekend!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Kitties real and pixels

This is a post about nothing but my obsession with my KittyCats! Here are some pictures I just had to add to my blog.

But first, a picture of my Jane looking out the window while I'm at the computer.
I have 3 cats, 2 seven year old sisters and Jane who is 2 years old and looks a bit like Kim the MegaPuss but with yellow eyes and white bootie paws. I plan to stop adopting cats. Cleaning out their litter box everyday is really a chore and giving them bath every week is incredibly tiring. If I don't bath them, I get allergies on my face when I kiss them.

So thank goodness for pixel kitties! No need to bath or clean the litter box!

Happy Valentine's Day and have a Great Weekend!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Tiki Home

I've been working on a tiki home. Nothing feels more like resort style living than having a thatched roof on a tropical island. So I've named the house Tiki Tropicana Resort Home.

I plan to do a series but who knows, I might get distracted by clothes!

The living area.

Evening on the deck.

This is actually the front of the house.

And when you enter, you get to see the deck and walk straight out there.

View of the living area from the short hallway.

View of the kitchen and dining.

Bedroom and bath.
I used Bazar and [Noctis] furnitures for the decors.

Available now at the Simple Things Mainstore and Marketplace. Demo is available for viewing at the Mainstore.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kitties and Birthdays

I am totally enamored with my KittyCats. I can spent so much time just staring at their antics as they run playing. Almost like being lulled when you stare at the fishes in the fish tank!

I am almost embarassed to say I now have 12 pairs, but not quite.  Recently I bought a pair of the Limited Edition Forget Me Not KittyCats and I also did the KittyCats Birthday Hunt and got the pair.

My Valentine Kitties Gertrut and Sausage Dog from the Forget Me Not Limited Edition Love 2015 Collection.

My Birthday 2015 Kitties Michele and Asima

It's said that if I mate 2 Forget Me Not cats, I would get a special kitten I will not want to miss. Same with the Birthday Cats and I can't wait for them to have their babies!

You can get the Birthday boy for free at the KittyCats Mainstore, but you will need to complete a hunt for 12 birthday cakes to get the Birthday cat and then return to the store for her.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Juita Modern Coastal Villa

My new beach house! I've always wanted to build a small house with an inner courtyard and water features.

Some pictures of the house:

Available now at the Simple Things Store and Marketplace. Demo is available for viewing at the store.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sweet Spring

Today I have 2 sweet dresses perfect for Spring.
Blushing Amelia

Amelia Ivory

Available now at the FOREVER SUMMER Mainstore and the Marketplace. As always, please try the demo.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ready to Dance

3 partial mesh gowns completed! The sexy Penelope, the material Gala and the mermaid Dorothea.

Available now at the FOREVER SUMMER Mainstore. As always, please try the demo.