Friday, October 27, 2017

the Pair...finally

After what feels like forever, I finally got my pair of Silver Tobiano Snowflakes Gypsy Vanners.

They're both offsprings of Moonlight Rendezvous(pictured below) but from different mothers. They even have stars on their face which daddy doesn't have. The downside is that neither have matching mane and tails.

Breeding horses are expensive in my opinion. These beauties give birth to live foals and you can't box them and keep them in your inventory. Which means your herd will multiply exponentially and if you don't have the lindens and the prim space, you'll have to start sending them to the cloud ranch even if it breaks your heart. It's also difficult to get the traits that I want because I have no idea which are dominant and recessive.

I had to send some of my pretty Sorrel Leopard Bashir Curlies to the cloud ranch. That hurt.

But that didn't stop me from getting a pair of these starter costume horses, last year's Day of the Dead. The horse in the middle is a Lusitano with the 2014 Anniversary coat. And that KittyCat sitting on the haystack is Amos my 1368-day-old Day of the Dead kitty. They're all ready for Halloween!

The past 2 weeks Moon has been wearing last year's Halloween Gift from Coco and riding on La Bella. It was only fair to take a picture with my beloved Amos, MaryJane and Cassandra too. I had to take out the pumpkins in the crate coz MaryJane wanted to sit in it. Typical cat!

Moon and Ave Maria my Black Tovero Mustang. Today I got tired of the witchy outfit and changed into this year's Halloween Gift from Coco. Moon is also wearing leggings Neve, hair from Exile and shoes from {kokoia}.

I took the first and last picture on ultra high for the shadows while the others were on med graphics. I don't know. I kinda prefer the medium graphics.

Therein ends my non-building blogging. Have a good weekend!

Sea Dove Beach House

Sea Dove Beach House is a 5 room double-storey house in shades of white and cream. It is perfect for a family.

A collage of the exterior of the house. The verandah and balcony is big enough to add a couple of wicker chairs and sofa. Bright red flowers in window boxes and planters brightens up the white house.

The foyer, living and dining area are one big open space and the kitchen is big enough to add a breakfast table or a small family area. Below is one room with access to the kitchen and the foyer.
Upstairs are 4 rooms and a very spacious family area.

The Sea Dove Beach House is 196 land impact while the landscaping is 73 land impact. It is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh. I've included rezzers and non rezzers boxes.

You can get the Sea Dove Beach House for 599L at my in-world store or the Marketplace. Please see the demo of this house at my in-world store.