Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shop and Pose

I need to start cleaning up my inventory again. Every time I tp to another sim, I'd crash. That really isn't a recipe for good moods and I've been especially down a lot and trying hard to keep it together. Some people drink, some people sleep around, they all self destruct. I spent...
That's my take on this week's colour challenge, thistle. Something in pink and purple from Sn@tch-N-Grab Special Calypso.
Everything that's on sale for the RFL seemed to be in shades of purple. This is from MysticHope, named Sheeyla Bordeaux. I'm ashamed to say, I've never heard of this store before.
This gown isn't part of the RFL but I loved it so much, I had to get it. It's from {Elysium}, named Ilithyia in Pink. I've never heard of this store either.....and I thought I was a shopaholic.
This is from Purplemoon, Boho Look1 for 55LThursday.
This is a hunt item from Paris Metro, Feast French Lace Gown.

While I was writing this up, I was also listening to live music:)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I almost lost my kitty

Last night my daughter left the door ajar when she went out and if it weren't for my scardy cat Nims, I'd never have known it. Nims circled around me with her furs all standing out so I knew something was wrong. The braver kitty Phebes went out exploring and got ganked up by 2 tomcats who were a bit confused coz she wasn't in heat and was chasing her around. I was freaking out and crying but she eventually ran back into the house.
Those 2 kitties are like my toddlers...except I don't have to change their diapers and hover over them too much. I love them so much, I can understand why some people leave all their money to their pets.
That was the highlight of my real life hahaha.
In sl, I did the fantasy faire hunt and got all the shards and the hunt gifts but when it came to the final part, I kept on clicking the books and got spammed. Well, it looked like spam coz it filled up my open chat. I have no clue what to do next so I went home to open the hunt gifts and forgot to take pics.
Here's a pic of me dancing at Runaround Sue's while I was writing this:) They play oldies 50's-60's music. I gotta say the DJ sounds very much like another DJ I like to listen to.
I still can't get over how this Christina skin from Izzie makes my avatar look so much like my daughter. Except she doesn't like to dress-up or wear make-up.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Angelwing Feathered Fae in white(Fantasy Faire)

I don't normally buy faery stuffs coz I like my avatar to be big and tall, but this costume was only 50L and it was for a good cause.
And I do have a small shape for occasions like this. I  bought prim feet from YS&YS at the Dressing Room in the past which I haven't even unpacked. I have this bad habit of buying stuffs for some vague projects I have planned in my head and then forget about it. Fortunately I remembered about the prim feet or I'd have taken this pic with the default barefeet.
Here's a pixlr-ed pic:
I depend a lot on windlight and frames. These pictures were taken at the XIV sim when there was nobody around.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Goodbye to my loved ones

I finished wandering the Fantasy Faire sims, took a lot of pictures and did my best to only buy things that were for donations. The mermaid outfit at Boudoir was the exception. And the hair too.

When I saw these candle boats, I knew I had to get them.
~Refined Wild~::Paper boats in a paper sea:: Candle Paper boat by Khyle Sion(Nu Orne sim)
Boudoir Sea Dragon Mermaid and Wave Hair by Precious Restless(Meandervale sim)
Donna Flora Seahorse jewelry

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Colour Challenge week17-shuttle gray

I've had this old Gothicatz outfit in mind since early this week.The black heart bag and earrings are very old gifts from GF. The shoes are also old stuff from Pixelmode. I bought the fatpack. I got tired of trying to find the right colours all the time. The new stuffs are my hair from Kik, which reminds me of my daughter's and those black nails are from Purplemoon.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Just go with flow(another rambling post)

My brother had so much to look forward to and yet his life was cut short, leaving behind his little children, his pregnant wife and yet me, who has finished accomplishing my purpose, lingers on looking forward to nothing in particular. I still don't understand the reason. I'm sure there is a purpose. I just can't find it yet.

It did make me think of SL though. Even our unknown online friends, even if we don't know who they really are, should matter to us. Didn't I laugh and be happy with them? Didn't I feel sad when they are sad? My feelings transcend my physical being. I don't think anyone should belittle the emotional experience we have in this virtual life. Just like rl, there will be boring days and days I wish I would just die ie delete my account but I won't because I find it interesting how I can handle things here and take it back to the real world. I guess I can say that SL saved my rl:) I guess I can say I've matured!

Sorry if what I write doesn't make any sense but words are not flowing good for me at the moment. I wanted to remember this day.
I've been wearing this outfit a few days now. I might as well take a pic.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Brother

Even in death you are good to us, reuniting mummy an me with long lost relatives. Love you.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

And Jack makes 3

I've been hanging out listening to live music. It was interesting. Trying to get some inspiration.
I was thinking of the Marlboro man when I did this picture. That is a guy pose I'm using and well, you know how guys like to smoke after you-know-what? I figured that girl would after she had shot some buck lol.
That mesh hair is from the wear grey event. I'm using the Aiko Belleza skin in tan. I really love this skin. It's like a chameleon. Reminds me of the Malaysian model/actress Nasha Aziz who can look malay, chinese or eurasian when asked. I included a picture link if about this malay girl:)

I never thought of myself as a romantic, but perhaps all this while I've thought me wrong coz here is a sappy picture of Carter and Tommy and Jack the dog.
Something is just not right with Tommy. I'll  have to take him back to the sliders:(

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Horse Farm

It's a shame to leave a piece of land empty so I decided to do some work on it.

I tried to fly the helicopter but it was so hard to control I crashed into my neighbour's shop. Thank God nobody was there.
Belle belle's primmy Oat Mill Fermette and Horse Farm looks really awesome on the land. Urbanized's primmy Floating Deck looks out of place but I adore it. I would sit there all day long listening to music while I box up my inventory. All these builds I got during past Spruce Up Your Space events.

Monday, April 9, 2012

An empty house is not a home

It was hard taking down the pictures in the house. All the memories. I would have left them up till who knows when but this morning when I logged in, I received a note from an estate manager that I had to take down the ban lines on my land and that they would provide me with a security orb. Then when I contacted an estate manager, I was told that all their security orbs wasn't working. So I said, "Great thank you." I was thinking to myself, if their security orbs weren't working, why the hell was it offered ? I didn't want strangers traipsing all over my land because it was next to shops. I could buy my own I guess, but it's this kind of business manipulation that I hate.  Why offer it if it's not working?
I still have 3 weeks left on the land so for now it'll just be an empty house. Just like how I'm feeling right now. I have no idea what I'm going to do next. Carry on renting or not.
*update, I got my security orb last night, 11/4

This is no virtual game, I can't restart again. Just like in rl, this virtual life, I have to  ride the wave and hope I don't crash. Sure we can kill people and they'd still live but they still feel anger when they lost the fight. Yeah, we feel pleasure when we f**k our lover even if it's just all pretend or acting or roleplaying or whatever we wanna call it. We feel humiliated, betrayed, lonely, exluded... all the feelings we would feel in rl and for those masochistic people, a place to feed their ego because they know we would feel what they want us to feel.
Why am I writing this? Sometimes, when I write, things becomes clearer.
I don't need to be in a roleplay and pretend to be somebody else in this virtual life. Should I care what people think of me? No. It is, afterall, another extention of myself. Perhaps the darker part of me that I would not allow myself to experience in rl.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter hunt at Purplemoon

I couldn't find one item during the hunt but it was still a lot of fun. Only last week I had managed to keep my inventory down from 40K to 34K. Seems like it's climbing back up. I also have a folder that says unopened gifts.
I forgot to take these pictures on high graphics so they're blurry :(
And that is a picture of me and my slmom dancing together on her rezz day. She really is a mom, always there for me since the beginning.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Kill the bot

I've been wanting to do this forever. I love science fiction. I love the logical process eventhough I am neither logical, discipline or meticulous but the thought of it all appeals to me. How marvelous to be perfect and that's what I imagine a robot-humanoid would be.
You know how it turns out in the end of course. We are our own worst enemy coz we created the perfect being and now they wanna annihilate us.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Town 2012

I went to Easter Town 2012 today and there was a free backpack that comes with the hunt. I suddenly remembered that I have a few more in my inventory.
Okay, the first one isn't a backpack.
I found some poses from the hunt too.
This is he loves me, he loves me not. Of course.
This is let it rain. I didn't finish the hunt. I couldn't concerntrate.
I did the Peep Racer. I have no idea what that is. We don't ride chickens where I come from.

Or just take pictures.

Lonely but Not desperate

I've been a loner all my life. I'm one of those people who actually prefers being alone and there is no need to be sorry for me but, occasionally I do feel lonely but not desperate enough to look for one night stands just to fill up the space. Instead I'd go hang out in some crowded sim so that I won't feel alone or so lonely and listen to the music and the chat and I'd sometimes join in the conversations.

Of course, when I had a companion, it was better but that is neither here nor there.

My first ever best friend when I was 9, exhorted money from me because she somehow managed to convince me that I lost her pen. To this day I am amazed at my naivety. Then there was this best friend who had to leave school because she didn't get the good results. There was this other best friend who stopped talking to me when she started going out with my ex. I didn't care about that but I did care that she stopped being my friend. By then I told myself to hell with all the BFF bullshits.

I don't know what it is about that hat, but I love it.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Color Challenge Week14-Royal Purple

In the beginning of the week, I had already prepared this pic for the challenge. I was a girl scout:) This gown is a group gift from The White Armory. Lovely, lovely dress.
I remembered when we weren't allowed to wear purple or yellow at weddings coz that might offend some blue-blooded people. Geez.
Then yesterday I remembered I have this dress from Icing.
I would have kept the skirt on but my thigh was sticking out and how convenient, the outfit came with garters and socks. I wanted to look sexy and all but I think I managed to look like, "Where the hell is my hubby?" as I stare at the phone. Only the cat is happy coz I'm stroking her.
Anyway, I got tired of moving my avatar's limbs so that is the best shot I could get of her.
I do know the difference between real me and avatar me.