Saturday, November 23, 2013

Exploring Monti Carlo Resort & Gaming

Today's post has nothing to do with dresses.

Yesterday, between taking pictures for the previous post, my long time friend Sergio invited me to his sim. It wasn't the first time, but this time, I made an effort to go because you know, it's not good to always say you're busy even if you are. Sometimes, you just have to drop whatever it is you're doing and go look at what your friends are up to and not just hear them talk about it.

Sergio has had his sim for a while now and he's a also a builder like myself. Although he doesn't upload his builds onto the marketplace or sell them anywhere else. He just builds for his sim.

He's turned his land into a residential/commercial sim.

Of course I took pictures!

The Vineyard with grape picking animations.

I totally feel like a tourist!

Stomping the grapes! Ok, I should have taken off the boots but this is not rl so what the heck:) It does make me wonder if the wine's tastiness has anything to do with that fungi in blue cheese that is also connected to smelly foot. Can I say eeew and yummy at the same time?

Sergio has the green thumb. He's potting around.

The Music Venue.

The Mall. There are some freebies here for men and women. I didn't have the time to look.

The Casino. There's also the Greedy table where you can play.

The Public Beach. Will you look at the waves!

Sergio said the boardwalk and the beach reminded him of Atlantic City.

All I can think of is, this would be a great place for me to take pics for my blogging! Or yours too!

Here's the LM to Monti Carlo Resort & Gaming. Take the bicycle and explore the sim.