Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The thing about new

After my last build, I realised I must have a bigger parcel for my shop. Amelia's Townhouse, was a little too crammed to fit on the demo area.

Also, people sometimes didn't realise that I also had a shop on a sky platform on the same parcel and vice versa and would im me for landmarks.
I've been mulling this decision for a few months now because a bigger parcel will mean more tiers to pay and that will also mean more complications when I really want things to just be simple and easy.
But the small parcel in Qinsa was running out of prims and a few days ago, I was lucky to see a really cheap water parcel near where I have my mermaid's 'home'. The Remonta parcel was cheap compared to the mermaid's parcel. I had to pay through my nose to get my mermaid parcel because it was at the very edge of a mainland sim, had 2 free water sides and a sunset view to boot.

The Remonta shop isn't anything fancy. It's purpose is mainly for demoing the houses that I have. Inside are the houses in box. Customers can choose to buy straight from the casper vendor where there is also a redelivery terminal behind it or to buy from the shop, in which case, if they didn't get the house, they will have to im me and show me proof of purchase.
And since I got a gazzillion prims leftover(not really), I brought my little island and the mermaid's landscape to the parcel.
From the store, you can take the tp down to the island and from the island, you can dive into the sea. I didn't add a teleporter down to the sea.
It's still a work in progress but please feel free to come check out the place, take pictures or just hang out. I'll probably be up on my building platform. Don't be fazed. Don't have to say hi. I'm probably building and unaware:)

Tp to the Island.

Next I have to figure out is, what to do with my mermaid's parcel.