Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Maribella Tudor Garden Cottage

Maribella Tudor Garden Cottage was supposed to be a single storey home but it ended up being 4-storeys high.

Below is the vendor pic:

This Maribella home has an attached Greenhouse/Sunroom.

View of the Greenhouse from outside.

An almost aeriel view of the house.

Side view of the house.

Back view of the house.

Trimmings and bay window.

Front interior of the house.

View from the entrance.

View to the Greenhouse/Sunroom.

2nd foor.

3rd floor.

4th floor.

Like the previous houses, I have made 2 rezzers, one for the Mainhouse only and the other rezzer includes the foliages and extras. I've also continued the open-planned concept to minimise on prim.

House specs:
Main House: 128LI
Chimney: 3LI
fireplace&log: 3LI
mesh foliages: 31LI
sculpted landscaping 25LI
base: 1LI
individual plants:
2 topiaries 6LI
3 hanging flowers: 20LI
beam: 1LI
total: 218LI
copy, mod, no transfer, partial mesh, unfurnished
some scripts are no mod

This house is available for 699L at the Marketplace and my in-world store. Please see the demo at my in-world store.

I hope you will enjoy living in this home as much as I have in creating it:)