Monday, August 6, 2012

Colour Challenge week32-Jonquil

Jonquil is not a daffodil but they're both yellow. So I googled and found this: A daffodil has one blossom to a stem. A jonquil’s bloom looks similar to a daffodil, but it has more than one blossom to the stem; sometimes two blossoms, sometimes a cluster of blossoms.

Read more: How to Identify Jonquils and Daffodils |

Since I had done a yellow colour challenge earlier, the second time around was a little tougher. I decided to just wear a yellow top, not be a blonde and be surrounded with horses.

colour challenge week31-wales

There is no use pretending, I prefer just taking pictures than talking or writing or whatever. I totally forgot to post last week's colour challenge on the blog. I had fun taking these pictures with Del. Those are both camping outfits from ::LIES Creations::