Sunday, June 30, 2013

hair sale and missed opportunity

There is a hair sale going on at Magika at the moment until July 10th. I am shocked I only bought 2 pairs of hair. The hair Moon is wearing is called After. She is also wearing Maitreya's sarong Lust and Shiki wedges which she never seemed to take off. I really do want to buy her new shoes, but everytime I get excited seeing new shoes, it has to be paired with slink feet which I don't have and who knows when I'm going to get them for Moon.

I'm working on a new house and only the kitchen is furnished at the moment. I am inspired to do another classical contemporary home which to me means, it's an old design renovated to look new. This home is going to be big.

Missed opportunity. Today is my late father's birthday. He would have been 67 today but he died 20 years ago. I was never close to him but I still miss him because I wished I was. And talking about death, my brother died when he was 47. It makes me wonder if I would die somewhere in between.

And there ends this sudden morbidness.