Sunday, November 18, 2018

Season of Change

The day before Lelutka had their mesh head update, I was tweaking my avie's face shape. I was becoming bored of her face. I use Lelutka Simone Mesh Head and Dee TaleZ Hettie.
On the left is Moon3.0 while on the right is Moon3.2. I had to re-tweek the eyes because the updated version made the eyes from the previous shape too big and it was a relief that the outer corner eye can finally be moved up or down. I was really happy that I could tweak the mouth shape into this cute pouty version. Congrats to the Lelutka Team! I can't stop staring at Moon!

 For the moment, Moon will be having dark brown eyes. Neve is having a sale and I figured it was time to update Moon's wardrobe to reflect her youthfulness. The hair is from the recent FLF DPYumYum.

I also splurged on this new release from Neve at the Tres Chic Event and the Galina hair from Doe at the Tannenbaum Event. Those fringed boots were from Bueno for the recent Saturday Sale.

And of course, those cute pups from Jian. Moon rarely leaves home without at least one pet companion!

Now that I've indulged in the guilty pleasure of spending, I'll go back to building!