Sunday, June 7, 2015

KittyCats Overload

I feel like I've been away forever! My last blog post was in April. Although I have been logging into SL at least once a week since then, I have only been on to pay the rents and feed my KittyCats.

And talking about those adorable KittyCats, my massive collection of cats gave birth to an even massive litter of kitten boxes!

So since yesterday, I've been stocking up my stores with KittyCats:

My KittyCats at the Mainstore in Farshore.

My KittyCats at Schilli.

My KittyCats at Too Adorable. Of so many new kittens born, I only got one Megapuss, the chocolate Ocicat with yellow eyes and she is a beauty!

My KittyCats at ScratchNPost Too.

My KittyCats at Vygg. I've placed most of my lesser trait Australian Mist kittens here.

Hopefully I'll have more time to work on future cat projects and also my house projects.