Monday, March 14, 2016

The Bailey Red Barn Family House

I've wanted to build another red barn after I did the Red Barn Houseboat and this one is a 3-storey house with a horse barn on the side. I imagined a family living in this house with children who are excited about living in a barn!

The landscaping took a while to complete until I realised that a farm wouldn't look complete without sunflowers and vegetable plots. At least in Summer.

Above is the vendor picture.
Below are more shots of the Bailey House:

I have also added a couple of vegetable plots.

There is even a row of orange trees next to the horse barn.

Interior of the house.

Interior of the horse barn.

The Bailey Red Barn Family Ranch comes in 3 parts. The main is the Bailey Red Barn House which is 118LI with a base area of 28x34. The other parts, which is the Red Barn Stable and the Landscaping are optional features which I feel completed the feel of a ranch or farm.

I have also added privacy screens with mountain scenes which means you could turn this into a skybox too.

I have made 3 rezzers for the Bailey Red Barn Family House; first just the Bailey Red Barn Family House, second, just the Red Barn Stable and third, the The Bailey Family Red Barn Farm House which includes both the Family House, Stable and landscaping.

The Bailey was a challenge for me to complete because I was in a dilemma whether to add more landscaping and decors to it but I think I have balanced it out well. In the end, a house becomes a home with your own furnishing touches and not mine. Also, it is the house that I am selling and the others are just the icing(optional).

house specs:
Bailey Red Barn Family House: 118LI
house base: 28x34

Red Barn Stable: 34LI
base: 17x11

dirt road 11LI
landscaping 1 15LI
landscaping 2 14LI
landscaping 3 9LI
gate1 1LI
gate2 1LI
topiary1 3LI
topiary2 3LI
vegetable plot1 8LI
vegetable plot2 7LI
gates: 5LI
horses: 3LI
total: 80LI
The Bailey Red Barn Family Ranch Complete: 232LI

copy, mod, no transfer
partial mesh

The Bailey Red Barn Family House is now available for 699L at my in-world store and the Marketplace. Please see the demo of this house at my in-world store.