Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monday Meme about the Book

I am glad Miss Berry is bouncing back and has this meme challenge for us.

Meme instructions: Copy and paste the following questions and answers into your post, delete my answers and input your own. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments so we can all come and see. If you create an image for this meme, feel free to share it in the Blog Memes Flickr Group.

  1. Are you a bookworm? I was. Now I rather just watch the short version on TV.
  2. Which do you prefer: hardcover, paperback or electronic? I used to prefer paperback because they're small and flexible and then I can bring them to bed.
  3. Which book is your favorite? I have read so many books I can't think of one absolute favorite.
  4. Which children’s book is your favorite? Hmmmm I'm too old to remember the title but it was one of those Enid Blyton's books.
  5. What’s the last book you’ve read? Sherlock Holmes The Complete Novels and Stories Volume I ..... I read up to chapter 5 and I got distracted and haven't picked it back up.
  6. Name your top five favorite writers: Agatha Christie, Anne Rice, Patricia Cornwall, Matthew Reilly, JD Robb. 
  7. Name a book that had a strong impact on you: Exodus by Leon Uris. I was 13, a very impressionable age.
  8. Favorite & least favorite book genres? I absolutely love detective/crime stories, sci-fi, romance and the least favorite is fantasy.
  9. Favorite & least favorite book-to-movie adaptions?  Does comics count as books? Favorite would be Ironman3, least favorite would be Fantastic4.
  10. Have you ever bought a book based on the cover alone? Yes.
  11. Where do you usually buy your books? In the beginning, it was the local bookshop and when I realised that I had more books than space, I turned to the local rent-a-book.
  12. Do you go to the library? I used to.
  13. How many books do you own? Too many to count and I also have my late father's sizeable hardcover collections of boring books.
  14. If you were to write a book about Second Life, which topic would you focus on? How to be grounded in SL because as much as SL is a pixel fantasy, it's impact on us is also very real.

hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Colleen Dark Browns
skin: Glance Anais August
jewellery: MG - Nova Dream Moon @ Collabor88
minidress: FOREVER SUMMER Black Velvet Fitted Strapless Dress xxs
shoes: tulip. Peep-Toe Bootie *SLINK* Black

Going Retro

I rarely get to dress up in a TWA dress nowadays because I've been taking on more than I can chew. Not that I'm complaining about the responsibilities I've taken on because it's always good to be busy. But I had to make time to dress Moon up in this gorgeous vintage TWA weekly group gift.

hair: A&A Marilyn Hair 4
skin: Glance Anais August
jewellery: Donna Flora Princess Set
outfit+hat: **TWA**The Sophisticate Gown Set-Group Gift Boxed
clutch: *COCO*_ClutchBag_Black
shoes: [PM] Baby T(2.0) Black

Next is this beautiful Vintage dress  from Osito that's perfect for going to a dance.

hair: A&A Marilyn Hair 4
jewellery: *YS&YS* Gold set (past TDR item)
dress: OSITO Full Skirt Dress Nude Linen for SSSS 50l vs 50%
shoes: SIX BOIS : Glam pointed heels Black/Gold (Slink Mid)