Wednesday, October 19, 2016

KittyCats Fall 2016 MateyCats and SoulSwitchers

I haven't been building any houses for a while. Mostly because I wanted to spent time with my son and his family who were leaving the country for a new beginning. Now that he has left, I've been mostly sad because who knows when I will see him again.
Anyway life goes and since I still have my KittyCats in SL, I've been logging on but not as often as I used to or as long.
Today KittyCats brought us their Fall 2016 Collection, MateyCats and SoulSwitchers and OMG!! are they too adorable. As the name says, MateyCats is about pirates and SoulSwitchers is based on Dia De Los Muertos(Day of the Dead). As can be seen in the picture above, my KittyCat Amos who is sleeping in the background, is an older version of the Day of the Dead. I'm so glad they brought back this new version because I absolutely love the patterns and colours! Next to Amos is Elenor, SL13B Adventurer which I got as a gift for SL's 13th birthday.

The little kitties are Jade, Pecan who looks so cute with a wooden leg, Kendrick with the white mask and Avah.

For more information, you can check the KittyCats blog. You can also get these cute kitties here.