Wednesday, December 4, 2013

7. Kaithleen's Christmas Present Mini Dress at the Holiday Fair

Kaithleen's Christmas Present Mini Dress comes in white snowflake prints with 6 different background colours. This is such a sweet princess-like dress with the side ribbon.
Here is a clearer picture of the snowflakes:

And here are the 6 colours:

On a side note, I also took time to do some of the Peace on Earth Hunt. In the background is the boxed living-room from Dench Designs which is absolutely great for taking Christmas pictures. I replaced their Christmas tree with the blue Christmas tree from BanPu Legacies just for these pictures.

Here is the TP to the Holiday Fair.

::JK Style:: at The Fashion Fair

The Fashion Fair is going on right now and JKStyles has some wonderful dresses on sale there.

This is ::JK Style:: Elizabeth - Blue with 5 patterns in a hud  and only 75L. Moon is wearing an old Exile hair called Molly.
Here is a close-up of the retro-style minidress.

This style also comes in brown waisted ribbon called ::JK Style:: Elizabeth - Brown. Moon is wearing another old Exile hair called Luka.

A minidress looks sexy in plain colour when the shadings are good. Below is ::JK Style:: Tori 2 Pk in 2 colour choices.
::JK Style:: Tori 2 Pk in silver.

::JK Style:: Tori 2 Pk in brown.

Take the TP straight to JKStyles at the Fashion Fair.