Monday, June 18, 2012

Time flies

I have no idea what I am doing lately. Seems like I don't have enough time for me. Or maybe I am starting to be doing things very, very slowly like old people do which doesn't make sense coz my mother is like a mini power-house.

Anyway, one of the things I love about live music, apart from the fact that I just love listening to them.... I can even 'suffer' through my daughter's heavy metal band just because she wants me to hear them play. Who understands what the heck these kids are screaming about? For me, if I can't hear the lyrics means I won't enjoy the music... unless it's instrumental. Of course, I am no musician. You know, when you stare at a modern art painting, all you can see are the colours and nothing else makes sense. That's me. Just like I don't like it when people don't talk straight to me and beat around the bush as if I can read their minds. Even if I can feel some empathy, I am not gonna work on that. Just say it straight.

No idea where all that rant came from. Must be the heaviness from last week's conversations.

Hooo! Music save my life as always:)

Listening to Tukso Okey playing his guitar. I really enjoy hearing all the guitarmen in SL perform. Who needs words.

My sldad lost all of his male dogs. Fortunately he had given me Ace, so now Ace is back on the farm, happy to be a stud:)