Thursday, October 24, 2013

Posing freely on the HouseBoat

I have too many poses. And I still like collecting them. Especially if it's free and it's from Di's Opera.
Di's Opera poses is one of my favorite poses. I love her dramatic poses. I like having Moon pose with her arms and legs all over the place although lately, I haven't done much of that. Of course, not all of Di's Opera poses are dramatic. These are casual everyday poses. Di's Opera has a new LM and she's giving away 5 free poses at the new store.

I also like having animals in my poses and this old owl kept on winking. I had to catch it while it was doing just that!

I've also completed my first houseboat. I took all the pictures above on the barge-turned-floating house. When I am inspired, I do things really fast. Here's how it looks:

the interior:

The houseboat is still not in the marketplace. I want to do another variation of the floating house first.
I'm using both pixlr and picmonkey for all these pictures.