Thursday, November 19, 2015

a Home for my Kitties

This post has nothing to do with my houses. It's all about my other passion in SL. It's the KittyCats.

After a year of breeding the kitties, I finally have my first menagerie kitty.

Meet Aldo!
Aldo is a Le Tigre Bengal with Odyssey Cobalt and Olivine costume eyes. Since I love 2 coloured eyes in kitties, I'm happy he has them for his tiger costume.

The only way to get a Le Tigre Bengal is by menagering your kitties, that is by sending them to their happy place and you can never see them again....which is incredibly difficult to do even though I know they are just virtual pets. Everytime you send a kitty to the menagerie, you get 50 kitty dollars and Aldo cost me 10000 kitty dollars. He is of normal size and if you want a different size kitty, it will cost more. Still, why would you want to keep all the unbreedable kitties which you would still have to feed? I still have over two dozens live unbreedable kitties I can't make myself send to the menagerie yet. Sentimental.

Here's Aldo with some of the kitties inside the kitty house. There's my favorite girl Maribella with the 2 coloured eyes and her mom Bella Amore sleeping on the sofa.
I've partnered her with Ferdinand the kitty with the white fur and Scotty Fold ears but so far, they have not given me any babies with scotty folds. I live in hope. But it doesn't matter because Maribella has always given me pretty babies and she is the only one of my kitties that has given me 3 MegaPuss out of 10 babies. What are the odds? She is definitely a keeper.
And under the old house, I have the mega kitties frolicking around.
My other mega kitty, Kim was too busy running around that she ran out of the picture when I took this snap.

I thought the MegaPuss deserve a better home, so I 'renovated' the last house I built, the Summer Island Lake to be more kitty friendly.
Now they have their own 'cave' and they are protected from the elements!

Home Sweet Home. Decorating the house and landscaping the parcel is still a work in progress.