Saturday, December 27, 2014

Adventures in Cat Adoption 3 - Kittens overload

I have 4 pairs of breeding Kittycats and now I have 13 unbirthed kittens. 1 from the KittyCats advent calender, 4 I had bought when I was visiting the kitty sims and 8 from my own broods. I am overwhelmed.

I hung them all at my house so that I can see them and ponder on who should pair with whom.

I decided that today, it was time for the Dark Chocolate Abyssinians which I had bought, to be birthed.

Aren't they cute with their floppy ears!

Also today, one of the kitty pairs gave birth to a teacup, I'm not sure if I should now go out and get him a teacup partner.

Will these cats eat me out of my virtual home? It's too funny to contemplate!

And finally, the beloved Luell who started this craze for me: