Monday, August 5, 2013

Between building

One of my favorite pastimes is browsing the Marketplace and collecting freebies.
I thought I had bought the car with poses at the Glitterati closing sale but it seemed I had not so it was up to the Marketplace. I wanted some new vehicle when I do the ad for my latest townhouse. I found this cute little city car for 1L and the red and white striped car and the yellow bike for free.

My townhouse is taking more time than I expected. At first, I didn't plan on making a townhouse. I wanted to do another classical mansion-type house which I had seen in the internet but as I built, I kept on deleting and then when I decided to add a garage, it turned into another townhouse. Right now, only part of the basement and 1st floor is in progress.

I guess the truth is, I am much a city girl at heart and eventhough I love a single house with lots of land and trees around it, the city holds my interest.