Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some free stuffs and not so free

Dress: Summer Loving Hunt #46 Just Darling
Hair: Dura Group Gift
Boots: MHOH7 Muism Troy Boots

Carter's quite small compared to Moon but I think she still looks great in this long dress from Paris Metro Summer Loving Hunt #25

Dress: MMboard Morea Style
Boots: MMboard Bootgasm(the name gave me giggles)

Outfit: I found this Devicious gift at their satellite store when I was doing the hunt at Divalicious. It comes with the shoes. So that was a bonus!

Gown: LpD Marie Antoinette Sunset dress from the Tribute to Vivienne Westwood Event.

I love pink, so this pink plaid from Desir(Vivien Tribute pink tartan) was just asking me to buy it. Not sure if the event is still on. Anyway I decided to go to the mainstore and got this other dress:

Gown: Desir Ghana Khenti dress
I can just imagine walking along the beach during sunset in this!