Friday, August 20, 2021

A Beachcomber Cabin

This is not a new house idea. Infact, it is a newer version of my popular The Beachcomber Series which I have now discontinued. Those houses were premeshed days. I have built this house on a 14x14 base so that it can fit a 512 parcel(16x32) on all sides. It is only 37 land impact, so you will have plenty of prims leftover.

It has 2 rooms with double doors facing the deck with pergola. There is also a back door from the bigger room. Each room has a sun-roof with scripted windows.

I have also included a smaller version, Beachcomber Cabin 15LI(picture below) if you want a simple building next to your boat or as a guest cabin. It has a 5.7x9 base area. I have also included A Beachcomber Cabin without pergola 33LI. Also, if you want to further cut down on prims, you can edit and delete the stilts!

I have made a rezzer for the A Beachcomber Cabin. The others are stand alones. All are copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh and UNFURNISHED.

I am also including the optional sculpted Palm Trees and mesh island if your parcel is totally water and you need a little piece of land. 

Furnitures in the pictures are from Kazza, Bazar, Interior Addiction and Dejavu.

A Beachcomber Cabin is available for 200L on the Marketplace.