Monday, February 1, 2016

Maribella StoryBook Tudor Cottage

Maribella is having a grand time inspiring me!

The Maribella StoryBook Tudor Cottage is another of my fantasy houses series.

The Maribella StoryBook Tudor Cottage is an open floor plan double storey house. With it's brick and half- timbered walls, climbing roses and crumbling outer walls, it brings a touch of fantasy and romance to the modern era.

It's Spring at the Cottage!

The gable trimmings, like laces, makes this house so charming.

Climbing roses and arched windows.

Back side view of the house.

Back view of the house with the creeping yellow blossoms up the pergola.

I'm continuing my open floor plan to save on prim. The house itself is 123LI with a footprint of 21x28. With the walls, foliages and decors, the house is 220LI with a footprint of 28x28.

I've made 2 rezzers. One for the stand alone house and another with the foliages, walls and interior house decors.

Main house: 123LI
Mesh Roses: 31LI
Mesh hanging flowers: 12LI
Mesh Trees & Bushes: 8LI
sculpt stone path: 2LI
Sculpt Rock flower bed with soil:14LI
Mesh Gate Posts & walls: 22LI
chandeliers: 5LI
Red Brick Fireplace: 1LI
total: 220LI

copy, mod, no transfer
partial mesh
*some scripts are no mod

I hope this house brings you joy and happiness as it has brought me while creating it:)

This house is available for 699L at my in-world store and the Marketplace. The house demo is available for viewing at my in-world store.

Dillee-Dillee, Moon and Cinta infront of the Cottage.