Saturday, February 20, 2016

Maribella Tudor Garden Cottage II

Here is another version of the Maribella Tudor Garden Cottage, a house with an attached Greenhouse/SunRoom/Conservatory.

This house has the Fairy tale turret for an entrance.

And here is a picture of Moon and some of the KittyCats. I couldn't resist posing them infront of the house.

Vendor ad.

View of the greenhouse.

View of the turret, roof trimmings and stained glass windows.

Back view of the house.

A little private area where the little birds play. I have also included these cute birds.

Plants inside the green house is included.

View of the entrance and 'Great Room' with the high ceiling.

View from the entrance.

View to the Greenhouse.

View of the upper floor.

Stairs to the third floor.

View of the third floor 'attic'.

Unlike The Maribella Tudor Garden Cottage I, this house is not open-planned. There is a separate kitchen and dining area from the high-ceilinged 'Great Room' and a smaller room on the ground floor. There are 2 rooms on the second floor and a final 'attic' room on the third floor.

It is 3 stories high and it also has separate rooms so the land impact is higher than the previous house. I didn't want to build a too similar house. I have also made 2 rezzers, one just for the house(142LI) and another for the house and the extras(236LI).

house specs:
Main house: 142LI
base area: 32x27

fireplace&log: 3LI
sculpt landscape: 9LI
mesh bushes: 14LI
trees: 8LI
birds: 5LI
topiaries: 15LI
window box flowers: 16LI
hanging plants: 9LI
creeping ivy: 4LI
plants in planters: 8LI
plants in pots: 2LI
beam: 1LI
base area for The Maribella Tudor Garden Cottage II Complete: 32x32
Total LI: 236LI

copy, mod, no transfer, partial mesh, unfurnished
*some scripts are no mod

*note about the rezzer: please rez the rezzer box higher than the default height so that the house and landscaping will not be imbedded into the land. Another way is to move the rezzer box while in edit mode and the pieces of the houses will follow.

I hope you will love this house as much as I have in creating it:)

This house in now available for 699L at the Marketplace and my in-world store. Please see the house demo at the in-world store.