Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Lucky Leopard Keldan

This is a short post about my KittyCats.

This year's surprise St Patrick's Day KittyCat is called Lucky Leopard. Between now to the 18th of March, anyone who has a breeding pair may get one. My kitty gave me one early this morning and I debated whether to unpacked it or not. Then a few minutes later, another kitty gave me a MegaPuss. So this Lucky Leopard really did bring me luck!

I thought of partnering the Lucky Leopard with the Mega but then I remembered that I had another Mega which had Burmillas as parents and decided to pair him with her. Burmilla is one of the newest KittyCat breed. Also, the green eyes told me that she's the one for him.

The Lucky Leopard comes in a four-leaf clover box.

I wanted to take a picture of Keldan the Lucky Leopard and his future partner Kelly but my puppy Jaynie just had to be in the picture too. I also didn't crop the picture so that you could see the other pets on the right looking at the cat picture. Even though this is all virtual, they seem to have their own personalities and I could loose track of time looking at their antics.