Monday, July 3, 2017


Today I braved the lag again at Summerfest 2017. Yesterday I could hardly move and I gave up.

I wanted to get the DRD Boho Backyard Roarke Chair and the DRD Boho Backyard Athena Couch before I forget. I'm so glad these aren't gacha items. That said, they do go so well with my other items from past gacha events, some I bought at the events and some I bought at Flea Markets. It is so colourful it reminded me of rainbows.

My tree house is still a work in progress and this is just the sitting area. Right now I have so many breedable pets, I'm running out of prims and they're popping boxes. I told myself to stop breeding but how can I resist those cute faces!

Above are some of the costume KittyCats I have running around and my little pug is all grown up.

My baby pug.

My babies the Bulldogs.

The babies all grown up. Just look at that adorable face! I'm waiting for their box to pop out anytime now.