Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Flying the Bumblebee

Paris Metro has a new group gift, the Bumblebee Helicopter.

Since my water parcel has now been blocked by jetties and it's a very tight squeeze to take the boat out to sea, I'm using the Bumblebee Helicopter to fly and explore the Blake Sea areas.

I used the default windlight with medium graphic setting because I didn't want to risk crashing every time I cross a sim, but the draw distance was over 300 so it was a good flight.

Then for post processing, I used Pixlr, my go to photo editor. It's not my best, but it was the flying and exploring that was more fun. I've been so cooped up on my building platform I needed a break.
Above is Sailor's Cove.

While I was flying, it occurred to me that I don't see any of my builds, so I looked around and found a couple.
Can you spot my build? It's the 4th from the left.

The Beachcomber's, a favorite.

You can get your free BumbleBee Helicopter here. Group membership is free.