Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hair Fair 2013 Cloud Sim

I finally got into Hair Fair. I have to say, when the legos were small, they didn't look so imposing and glaringly bright. But it was an event to help children, so I guess legos make sense.

I thought I would do 1 sim at a time. There was a lot of great looking hair on the Cloud sim and if I had not made all sorts of excuses(like this hair looks similar to the one I have or this hair is too stiff even if it's pretty and this hair looks good only for photography blah blah blah), I would have spend more. I am trying very hard not to be spendthrift because I had already spend a lot on furnitures and then there were textures I had to get for the new house I am building.

Moon is wearing Lelutka Lorella. It comes with a wreath but I am using the Alice bow instead.

This hair looks so cute and fun, I had to have it. It's from a store I have never heard of before Xplosion Jules.

Right now I'm working on a modern contemporary house with swimming pool and even a garage! I know, pretty ambitious but I had to see if I could do it. That's the pool in both pictures. I haven't aligned the textures yet. Aligning textures are so tedious.