Sunday, March 6, 2016

Seamus Pine Log Cabin II

After building the cute Seamus Pine Log Cabin, of course I had to do a larger version of the cabin.

I've added another wing to the building, widened the 'great room' and added a shallow pool.
Below is the vendor pic:

The entrance:

The pool:

Wider living area:

Separate stairs:

Spacious rooms with a great view:

There are 2 rezzer boxes; one for the house alone which is 88land impact while the second rezzer box includes the landscaping and decors which is 198land impact.

house specs:
main house: 88LI
base area 38x29

landscaping & water feature: 49LI
privacy screen & base 52x40: 2LI
sculpt grass: 4LI
animals: 5LI
strings of lights: 18LI
window box plants: 32LI
total: 110LI
Seamus Pine Log Cabin II Complete: 198LI

copy, mod, no transfer
partial mesh
*some scripts are no mod

This house is now available for 325L at my in-world store and the Marketplace. Please see the demo house at the store so you know exactly what you are buying:)