Thursday, March 24, 2022

Eco Mina Lakehouse


Eco Mina Lakehouse is a wooden double-storey home with lots of wide windows and high ceilings(5m walls).

It has separate living area that leads out to a back patio, a separate dining area which leads up to the bedroom and open area upstairs and a separate kitchen that leads out to the back patio.

There are 2 versions. Eco Mina with stilts to put on the water is 83 land impact while Eco Mina without stilts to put on land is 74 land impact. They are both 20x18.

I have put both in rezzers for easy positioning.

Eco Mina Lakehouse is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh. It is UNFURNISHED. Please see the house at the Demo Area.

Eco Mina Lakehouse is available for 300L on the Marketplace and the Demo Area.