Thursday, November 21, 2013

relaxing by the sea

Cosmopolitan Sale Room Round 24 is almost over. I was hanging out at the beach and I remembered this outfit from JK Style. So casual and comfy.

hair: AD - libra - dark browns
skin: Glance Anais August
outfit: ::JK Style:: Gilyan (C) @ CSR
shoes: *GF*[Mesh] Deck Shoes -beige-

I took the boat to Bull Rock sim. A few years ago I used to live on one of the little islands for a several months. I didn't know how to build back then and there weren't any houses that were less than 20 land impact. There wasn't any such thing as land impact either.
Here is how Bull Rock looks today.

And that's one of my popular beachcomber's cabins on the left. I love it when I see my houses.