Thursday, August 15, 2013

hunting for today's cheapies

I went looking for freebies today. After browsing the fashion blogs, I went to the Black Fair to get some poses from Purple Poses. It's been a while since I bought poses and it was time for an update.

I then tried getting the stuffs I had demoed and from this month's Collarbor88 but it was so laggy, my linden balance kept on reverting to -1L and I had to get my other avatar to pay Moon 1L to get it back to normal.

Then after I accidentally bought the wrong product, I knew I had to get out before it happen again. So that means another day for shopping those stuffs.

I love low-rise flared jeans and crop tops so this hunt item was a must for me.

outfit: Alexa outfit from Pins & Needles for the Colours of Summer Hunt
hair: !lamb. Bernice - Loveless Pack from this month's collarbor88
glasses: [Steinwerk] - Fusion Sunglasses
bag: [Armidi Gisaci] Porta Corsico Bag - Brown
jewelleries: zaara
shoes: Maitreya shiki(I'd never let Moon leave home without this if I can)

skin: Cecilia Al Vulo freebie at the black Fair

skin: Tanita Wow skin dollarbie at the Black Fair