Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Aegelmaere's Tudor Cottage

Aegelmaere's Tudor Cottage at dusk.

This Tudor-style cottage is not a small house. The entrance, with the tower and the post and beams and half timbers are on the dramatic side.
View of the entrance from outside with the 2 styles of bay windows.

View from the entrance.

View of the entrance from inside the house.
View of the side entrances.

View of the upper floor. There are 3 bedrooms on this floor. Perfect for a family.

View of one of the bedrooms with the bay window.

When I was building this house, I imagined a stable close by.
The stable is separate from the house. It would have been better if the stable was further but as I am building on a 4096 plot, and let's face it, avatars can't smell, so the whole set up is just cosy. Also, since the avie can't smell, I also made an attached room with a loft for the stable hand or as an extra place for the family.

And to complete what I had in mind, I added the landscaping.
I made the ivy-covered archway to separate the cottage and the stable.

As usual, they are copy, mod, no transfer, partial mesh and unfurnished. Some scripts are no mod.

cottage: 191LI
stable: 95LI
landscape: 167LI
complete set: 453LI

There are 2 rezzer boxes. One for the cottage and another for the completed set. I did not put the stable in a rezzer because it is all linked together.

Aegelmaere's Tudor Cottage is available for 699L at my in-world store and the Marketplace. Please see the demo at my in-world store.

Phew! I'm glad that's finished!