Saturday, August 20, 2022



No exploring today... just hanging out at home at the beach. Which is usually just an empty island except today. Because I wanted to take this picture.

Out for this Saturday Sale from DeetaleZ is this skin. I am a cheap skin hoarder and if it's cheap, I will be there to test it and if it fits the shape I am wearing, I will get it without hesitation.

Head: Lelutka EvoX Kaya3.1


Hair: Truth Eternity

Eyelashes: Jack Spoon

Eye: Arte

Make-up: Heron

Jewelry: Cae :: Basics - Solitaire :: Collection

Top: erratic / megan - sweater II / pink stripes

Furbaby: JIAN Pets French Bulldogs / White 

Shape: Taylor Shape 1L on my Marketplace

Ok, this time, this skin is a bit complicated because it is freckled and even though I have the mixedtype body skin, it is an older version with no freckles and the freckled body that I have uses appliers.... You know, before BOM. So, now that it's back to BOM, the applier is useless. Fortunately and thank fully, some skin makers, like PUMEC, gives freckled BOM bodies so, I am using the PUMEC body freckles for the Maitreya body.

And, for the neck, I use Izzie's neck freckles.

The picture is on high graphics 700x700 and unedited. I use CAWL, but I also changed the position of the sun and the cloud and haze so that there would be some cloud in the background.

Hope that helps:)