Friday, May 18, 2012

The budget

Every month I would put the same amount of money to enjoy my SL. I associate it to paying for club membership. Does people go to their rl clubs everyday? I dunno. What would they do once the usual routine is done? Gossip? No clue.
This is not about clubs. It's about me busting my regular budget. I've been spending and tipping like nobody's business and I think I gotta be more selective where I go and what I buy from now on or I'm not going to have enough to pay for my rent at the end of the month.
I should bless mesh dresses coz now that I can't wear them, I won't be tempted to buy them. Which means I will not give any lindens to my Miss Carter to spend. Will Not!
Let's see if I can stick to that intention.
Here is the Carter's mesh dresses from Collabor:

These are some of the free stuffs from the recent Fibromyalgia Awareness event:

These are from a lucky chair and group gift from La Dulce Vida:

Last, me enjoying live music:
That picture is done using windlight. I thought it looked different than my usual erm... character? can't think of the exact word.