Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Classica Miami Black and White Beach House

Here is my latest build:

The Classica Miami Black and White Beach House is a modern Beach House circa the early 1920s and has been renovated into the 21st century. I was inspired to design this house after watching a lot of Hercules Poirot TV series. The best part is the high entrance area which I hope would make the guests go wow! A spectacular chandelier would be great there but I have yet to find a full perm wow kind of chandelier that is affordable so it is up to you to find one. Have fun decorating and furnishing the house!

This house has 2 spacious bedrooms with connecting bathroom, a 'powder room' in the dining room. The living room, the kitchen and the entertainment room upstairs are all spacious.

This house comes in a rezzer even though it is all linked together so that you will easily position the house any which way you like. The house is also copy and modifiable, but please remember that if you unlink all parts of the house, land impact will increase.

base: 33x28
land impact: 117

Please check the demo house at my in-world store.


The entrance.

The kitchen.

The side entrance.

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