Wednesday, April 2, 2014

JKStyle for the Bargain Barn

This is the first round of Bargain Barn and everything is incredibly cheap. This is definitely an event to look out for and JKStyle has put out items that are worth buying. So go ahead, take that LM.

JK Style Natasha 45L

JK Style Constance 35L

JK Style Abbey 35L

JK Style Layla 45L

JK Style Lexi - Black freebie/gift

JK Style Celia 45L

JK Style Amber 45L

In all these pictures, Moon is wearing:
hair: Chemistry Willow
eyes: Mayfly Midnight Hazel
skin: Glance Anais August
necklace: MG
sandals: Pure Poison


I wanted  Moon to look different this time and when I open up this black laced dress from IAF, I noticed that this one doesn't have an alpha layer while the other patterns do. The blouse itself looks quite formal, but it's sheer and Moon gets to wear her bra!

hair: Miamai_Janetta Hair_Gift for HairFair 2013
skin: Glance Anais August
earrings: .:Glow Designs:. Paris Earrings Gold @ CSR
top: IAF Cropped Blouse (Lace) @ CSR
bra: Belvedere Flirty Black(old item)