Wednesday, June 14, 2017

MaryJane's Whimsical Tree House

I named this tree house MaryJane after my rl cat and my virtual cat:)

I was feeling fanciful when I was inspired to build this tree house.

There is one wooden cabin with huge glass windows on the tree and open decks that lead up to the cabin and down to a small cascading pond. The ground itself is scattered with flowers and morning glory flowers creeping up the tree to the roof of the cabin.

The inside of the cabin has lights sparkling on the ceiling. If you can imagine fireflies resting there:)

There's the small pond with the pastel colored goldfishes swimming inside.

Sunbeams peeking through the leaves.

MaryJane's Whimsical Tree House is 112 land impact and has a 40x40 base. It is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh. Some scripts are no mod.

The Tree House is 53 LI.
MaryJane's Tree House 26LI
Flowering Tree for Tree House 27LI
Wood Lanterns & base 2li
climbing vines 8 LI
Strings of Lights  24li
Beam of lights 3LI
flower border and fireflies 9LI
Small Pool with Plants and fireflies 11LI
Goldfishes 2LI

MaryJane's Whimsical Tree House is available for 369L at my in-world store and the Marketplace. Please see the demo at my in-world store.