Thursday, March 24, 2016

Chocolate BunnyCat for Easter

Another very short post about my KittyCats.

For Easter this year, KittyCats has given us KittyCat lovers the Chocolate BunnyCat. Between now till the 28th of March, we may have this surprise kitty birthed from their regular KittyCats. There are 3 colours, purple, gold and green eggs but each avatar can only get one surprise.

 I got the purple egg this after evening:
The egg doesn't come with the bunny ears. The bunny ears is part of the Pixlr Express Easter edition. Anyway, under the purple costume, my KittyCat is a Burmese Flame with Tapestry Royale eyes which is sort of purplish and so I've decided to partner her with my favorite Odyssey Kaleidoscope eyed Black Bengal.

My Odyssey Kaleidoscope eyes Black Bengals Odie the MegaPuss and Maribella.