Friday, April 20, 2012

Just go with flow(another rambling post)

My brother had so much to look forward to and yet his life was cut short, leaving behind his little children, his pregnant wife and yet me, who has finished accomplishing my purpose, lingers on looking forward to nothing in particular. I still don't understand the reason. I'm sure there is a purpose. I just can't find it yet.

It did make me think of SL though. Even our unknown online friends, even if we don't know who they really are, should matter to us. Didn't I laugh and be happy with them? Didn't I feel sad when they are sad? My feelings transcend my physical being. I don't think anyone should belittle the emotional experience we have in this virtual life. Just like rl, there will be boring days and days I wish I would just die ie delete my account but I won't because I find it interesting how I can handle things here and take it back to the real world. I guess I can say that SL saved my rl:) I guess I can say I've matured!

Sorry if what I write doesn't make any sense but words are not flowing good for me at the moment. I wanted to remember this day.
I've been wearing this outfit a few days now. I might as well take a pic.