Thursday, January 28, 2016

Maribella's Whimsical Fairy Tale Cottage

Adding to my Fantasy Collection is Maribella's Whimsical Fairy Tale Cottage.

As you can see, I am still inspired by the Tudor style.

I wanted to do a small 2-storey cottage, but it ended up being a 3-storey 'cottage'.

View of the detached garage.

 View of the sun room.

View of the back.

View of the side with the garage.

View of the arched door entrance, foyer, main room and french-doors leading to the sun-room.

The sun-room.

The entrance hall with the wrought iron staircase leading to the upper-floor.

The upper floor hallway with the staircase leading to the top floor.

The upper floor room.

The third floor.

I have made 2 rezzers for this house.

1. Maribella's Whimsical Fairy Tale Cottage REZZER is 128LI and has a base area of 21x28. It is a stand alone house

2. Maribella's Whimsical Fairy Tale Cottage COMPLETE 170LI REZZER is 170LI and has a base area of 31x31. It has the house, a 2-car garage and foliages.

    Main house: 128LI
    Garage: 7/8LI
    Mesh foliage: 24LI
    Sculpted foliage: 10LI

As with my builds, they are copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh. Some of the scripts are no mod. I have also included an optional fireplace.

The house is now available for 699L at the Marketplace and my in-world store. Please see the demo available at the store if you are unsure of how it looks.

*Note: On the Marketplace site, I could not copy-paste the description of the house because it kept on automatically unlisting the house due to some banned word in the description. For the life of me, I don't know which of the words could be so obscene that it had to be auto banned?