Friday, May 24, 2024

More privacy


This very simple border is made up of a flat prim and a mesh panel. It is basically for people who has a small plot of land and not much prims to spare but wants privacy from prying eyes or just plain unsightly view.

There are 2 borders included in this pack. Above is a 1 land impact 11x6.5 and below is a 2 land impact 31x6.5 border.

The texture is repetitious so you can make it shorter or longer is you want. It is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh. You do need to have some basic editing skill.

It is available on the Marketplace for 1L.

Hope you like it!

Thursday, May 16, 2024

The Simple ABC Gazebo Pack


Summer is just round the corner in SL!

And what better way than to spent it outdoors, but you also need shelter from the blistering sun or sudden rain sometimes.

So, here I have made Amelia, Bella and Cecelia Gazebo for you to choose all in one pack.

They are all 7x5x4 in size, copy, modifiable and 100% mesh.
Amelia Gazebo is 11 land impact.
Bella Gazebo is 11 land impact.
Cecelia Gazebo is 6 land impact.

Please ADD The Simple ABC Gazebo Pack to get the gazebo.

I have also put each of the gazebo, just in case.

Get your gazebo at the Marketplace for only 1L!

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, May 9, 2024

A Beachcomber Cabin Too

 Ready for Summer on the water!

A beachcomber Cabin Too is a larger version of A Beachcomber Cabin.

It is 59LI and has a 20x20 base.

It L-shaped with 3 rooms. The bedroom has double-doors entrance and also double-doors exit that leads out to a private pergola-covered verandah.

On the opposite side is the kitchen with double-doors that leads out to the pergola-covered deck which can be used for barbecue or entertaining.

This cabin is on stilts if you want to position it on the water. You can also delete it to reduce the prims.

I have included a rezzer for easy positioning and I have also included a smaller 1 room version, Beachcomber Cabin which is only 15LI.

This cabin is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh.

Please see the demo at my demo area. Also available on the Marketplace

Introductory price is 60L. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Moving again.

 And so, once again, I am moving. This time to a bigger plot. I've started breeding KittyCats again(they are so adorable, how did I resist!) and also, I am adding another market, the G&S food and items.

I have placed the Kitties and market in little plots while the demo houses will have a bigger plot. All of them will be up in different sky platforms.

Sky Jungle for the G&S Market.

Fyi, I am using the Ava Waterfall Jungle which I expanded to 32x32 and moved the trees around and added some more trees and shrubs.

Sky Beach Scene for the Kitties.

The demo platform is just a platform, hopefully, nothing else to distract from looking at the demo houses.

Please come visit!

You can also use the black disc teleporter to reach these places. And please click on the black and white kitty to get all 3 landmarks.

Hope you enjoy the visit.

I have also reduced most of my earliest houses in marketplace. Please check them out:)

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Island House revisit

 This is not a new build, but I've always like this house because of it's village vibe.

When I started breeding kittycats again on this island, I opted for this house, yet again. Except this time, I didn't edit out the back room.

The back room was meant to be the kitchen. And since I sometimes roleplay in  Gorean sims, I have been looking out for old-style furniture.

The kitchen leads up to the upper part of the house.
The low chairs and cushions makes the room bigger. 

Mimpi Kampung Hut is available on the Marketplace and my demo platform for 224L. I've also set up the demo for this house if you want to see it.

You can read my previous post about this house here.

Monday, March 4, 2024

Sunshadow Waterfront House

 I made this beach house for outdoor living. 

There are 3 rooms, the kitchen, living area and the bedroom. This house is on high stilts, so you will also have the added space below.... unless you want to turn this house into a boat house or a house over the water.
The kitchen. All 3 sides have doors.

You can watch the sun sets or the morning sun rising while you eat.

The living area.

The bedroom.

Sunshadow Waterfront House is 96LI and has a base 19x17. It is copy, mod, partial mesh and UNFURNISHED.
The window shutters and the inner glass windows are scripted to open and close. So are all the doors.
I have made a rezzer for the house for easy positioning.

Please see the demo at my demo area.

Sunshadow Waterfront House 2024 is available for 250L at the Marketplace and the demo area.


Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Just a farmgirl

Sometimes, I find myself quite at a lost in SL, when building houses or going to music venues is no longer satisfying. It's not that I no longer like building, just that I haven't been inspired much.

When my friend asked me to join them in Gor, I was apprehensive because of my negative perception of it's origin. The truth is, you make your own story and you should not allow yourself to agree to do anything you don't want. Walk away if you don't like what you see or what they want you to do. You really do have a choice. Respect each other's limitations. 
The tavern pictured above was practically my roleplay character, ChibiMoon's second home.

She would hang around in the tavern to meet people. Or just read a book.

After a month or so, I was introduced to the G&S system. It was fishing! 

I did catch a big Tuna at a fishing tournament, but it wasn't big enough to win a prize. That fish was bigger than Chibi! And yes, that is an almost naked man's butt peaking out from the bench LMAO!

The Jian dogs guarding the Kalana tree. It's fruits Chibi uses to make cakes. The G&S system feels like I am playing sims4 except I get to interact with people in SL.

The cakes! And tea, of course. Those are really pretty looking cakes, except if you eat them, they are gone forever because they are use to increase the energy on the G&S hud.

And today, the chickens came. Eggs and poultry.

Chibi's brother and sister-in-law are bad-ass pirates, but I have a feeling, she is just a homely farmgirl!