Thursday, February 25, 2016

Aegelmaere StoryBook Hunting Cabin

Aegelmaere my KittyCat wants another house named after him so here is a cute little castle turned into a hunting cabin.

The Aegelmaere StoryBook Hunting Cabin is only 109LI with a base area of 19x21.

I've made 2 rezzers, one for the building and another which includes the landscaping and foliages.

The front entrance.

The side entrance.

The back of the cabin.

Bricks and logs and pretty window treatments for that hunting lodge feel.

View from the top.

Rooftop. A great place to survey the land around.

View of the entrance.

View of the side entrance.

View of the upper floor and the winding staircase to the roof top.

Another view of the upper floor.

house specs:
Main house: 109LI
individual topiaries, window boxes & pot plants: 35LI
sculpt Rock flower bed with soil & Grass: 9LI
Roses & Daisies & Rock pathway: 18LI
Border shrubs & Trees 29LI
total: 200LI

The Aegelmaere StoryBook Hunting Cabin is now available for 599L at my in-world store and the Marketplace. Demo of this house is also available for viewing at the store.

I hope you will enjoy this house as I have in creating it:)