Saturday, October 27, 2012

keeping the grey cells active

One of the reasons I decided I should learn Blender was to keep my neurons active. I read somewhere that keeping those electrical pulses working makes for sharp thinking and I didn't want my brain to go to waste. I also wanted to be up to date with technology. After all, that was one of the reasons I became interested in secondlife.
After 5 years, the virtual world is no longer that exciting. It's a lot like the real world even when you venture into the world of roleplaying which is supposed to be all about fantasy. A whole lot of drama, back-biting and back-stabbing. I would rather be a recluse.....
Now all I want is to learn blender so I can make mesh houses.

Talking about meshes, while I was browsing the Marketplace, I came upon these 2 dresses and demoed them and! bought them.
Sundae dress in peach by Volstead:
 Society dress in ice by Volstead:

I have never heard of the store Volstead before. There is no in-world store but no doubt there will be soon.

Moon didn't look good in the large sizes eventhough she is a big avatar. So because of these dresses, my avatar is now a medium to small size depending on the dresses.

Hmm, a change of skin, a change of shape size.... I guess I'm not as rigid as I thought I was. Always time to change and move on.