Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Frangipani Family Bungalow

Where I come from, bungalow is a detached house. It can be a single, double and even a triple storey house.

This bungalow was made with an extended family in mind, much like my own. Grandparents has their own room on the ground floor with attached bathroom. Walking up and down the stairs, even though it's a good way to stay healthy, isn't that great on the knees. They even get to go into the gardens through their bedroom without going around inside the house.

The living/dining is huge enough to even have a piano in a corner where the artistic daughter can entertain the family.

The kitchen is also big enough to have a family dinner in there.

The family area upstairs is spacious and leads to the balcony if dad wants to have a smoke and not pollute the home.

By the third room, I was too drained to decorate the rest of the bedrooms and bathrooms. If you are interested in seeing the rest of the house, the demo house is available at the Simple Things Mainstore where you can also purchase the house there or at the Marketplace.

house specs:
base: 25.5x31
land impact: 132
partial mesh

Furnitures used in these pictures are from Bazar, The Loft and Decor.