Wednesday, January 30, 2019

January House

January House is a 2 bedroom double-storey starter home with high ceilings and long windows.
This house is also a dollarbie.

The living area.

The kitchen area.

Up the stairs.

The bedroom.

I made this house specifically for the 1024 land area with 351prims. This house is only 50 land impact and has an area of 16.5x9.2. A square 1024 land area is 18x18, so you'd have enough outside area for foliages if you wish.
It is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh.
The house will only be available on Marketplace and I will not have a demo of this house. There is also no rezzer boxes for this house. It is all linked so please note that when you unlink the house, the land impact will increase.
I plan to do a dollarbie home every month but it is not a promise because sometimes, stuffs gets in the way of our plans.
I hope these dollarbies will encourage people to build in SL as they 'renovate' these houses:)