Friday, July 26, 2013

Love Donna Flora Charity Event

Truth is, I have a difficult time expressing my feelings about illness and death because for a long time, I have had to suppress the overwhelming sense of helplessness, anger and sadness. My father had been a renal failure patient all of my grown-up life and I wasn't even sure he would see all his 3 grandchildren. And when he died, I stopped having anymore eventhough my wish was to have 5 broods. And there was also my own sense of failure, that I did not live up to his expectations.

I steer away from sadness as much as I can because I hate all these feelings coming to me.

I used to have a friend in SL who doesn't even want to know anything about anybody's sickness because to him, SL was a place for him to be happy. I guess once you have been in SL as long as I have, you cannot help knowing people who are ill, people who are flawed in one ways or the other because I myself come here to heal some parts of me that cannot be healed.

It is a heavier burden to bear than to see and if we can make a person feel they are loved and appreciated by such events, than half of the job is already done. Syabas!

dress: [CIA Designs] Floral Summer dress from Love Donna Flora event